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Holistic Trauma Healing


Tracey Grace

Founder of Tracey Grace - Holistic Trauma Healing

Kinesiologist, Holistic Trauma Therapist, EMDR, The Richard's Trauma Process (TRTP) & Spinal Flow Practitioner

Tracey is a compassionate & intuitive holistic wellbeing practitioner who supports clients suffering with impacts of unresolved trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression and self-worth issues, who feel stuck and who are ready to move out of survival mode.  With an individualised approach for every client, Tracey combines science and spirituality to help identify and bring healing to the root causes of trauma, while releasing accumulated stresses from the nervous system, reprograming limiting beliefs within the subconscious, releasing stresses in the physical, mental, emotional & energetic body, and connecting the mind, body & heart as one.  With the restoration of your wellbeing, you are able to feel empowered, safe, connected and ready to shine brightly and create a life in which you can thrive. Tracey values each and every one of her clients and provides a safe container to support you through and facilitate your path to healing.

Tracey specialises in supporting people who have experienced trauma from Domestic Violence, abusive relationships, divorce, post separation and legal systems abuse, coercive control dynamics,  family estrangement, childhood adversity, military veteran wartime service and those who experience PTSD or other mental health symptoms.



Intensive Trauma
Healing Program 

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Tracey offers a profound and life changing  Intensive Trauma Healing Program for those of you who have experienced trauma, feel like you are stuck in survival mode, experience anxiety & depression, or PTSD and are ready to embrace and commit to your journey to wellbeing and recovery. Along with utilising multiple modalities and various processes for resolving unprocessed trauma at the root cause, you will be cleared and activated to take back your power so you can start thriving and living a happy, empowered and fulfilling life. 



Tracey offers individual Kinesiology  sessions to help you identify imbalances in your system, resolve tension and stress held in the body, understand the root cause(s) of dis-ease and imbalances in the body as well as clear patterns and limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving optimal health and wellbeing.

Spinal Flow


Tracey offers Spinal Flow sessions to help your body to naturally release stored stresses & trauma and reset your nervous system back to a state of calm. Bringing ease, breathe & flow to your body & activating your innate ability to relax, recover and heal. 


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