About Tracey


About Tracey

Hi I’m Tracey, Kinesiologist, Spinal Flow Practitioner, Holistic Trauma Therapist and Energy Healer.  I am passionate about holistic health & wellbeing and dedicated to empowering my clients with the knowledge and insights about the underlying cause(s) of their stress, dis-ease and imbalances, so they can restore wellbeing & create positive, lasting change in their lives.


My own journey towards holistic health & wellbeing began during my time as a Paramedic when I recognised there was a "gap" in mainstream medicine. Time & time again in the medical field, I observed the focus being simply on treating and managing symptoms of dis-ease and illness, rather than identifying & addressing the root cause.  This sparked my interest in learning more about how to heal the human body and mind by focusing on preventing disease and addressing the root cause - whether it be physical, mental, emotional, chemical, or energetic stress.


I began exploring complementary medicine and alternative therapies including Kinesiology, The Richard’s Trauma Process (TRTP), Spinal Flow Technique, Reiki, Flower Essence Therapy, energy healing and more, and through my own personal experiences, I was able to begin to heal from the debilitating impact various traumatic and adverse life experiences had on my own health & wellbeing.  Not only was I able to learn to move through the unprocessed grief & deep regret stored in my body from the death of my father during my early adult life, I was also able to implement various techniques to help me process the challenging experiences I'd had within my career in the military and Paramedic roles.   I was also able to become conscious of the unhealthy patterns, conditioning and limiting beliefs I had taken on throughout my childhood as a result of a dysfunctional family system & adverse childhood experiences; that led to low self-worth, unhealthy coping mechanisms, poor boundaries and toxic relationships.  As a mother of 2 boys, I have been able to resolve the effects of the traumatic birth experience I had with my first child, and have been able to draw on my personal strength and resilience to navigate motherhood in the absence of the support or connection of a traditional family structure & without a safe & supportive marital relationship. 

My pursuit to heal both physically and emotionally has allowed me to move through life’s stresses and challenges in a much more empowered and proactive way, and has helped me to be able to genuinely empathise with my clients who are dealing with the debilitating impact and effect of stress and trauma.  I am truly passionate about bringing the wisdom, lessons and understandings from my own life experiences to support my clients in a compassionate, safe and supportive way. My desire is that each and every one of my clients begins to feel safe, connected, empowered, and capable of creating an enriched life where they are no longer stuck in survival mode & holding themselves back from shining brightly and being the best version of themselves. 

Note: Tracey supports the use of mainstream medicine when required and believes in the event a patient is under the care of a medical practitioner or when a life-threatening illness is present, alternative therapies are able to complement a treatment plan and not replace it.

Qualifications & Affliations

Throughout my journey, I have completed various qualifications,        training programs & mentorships from many teachers and training establishments including:

  • Advanced Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP)

  • TRTP Practitioner (The Richard’s Trauma Process)

  • Spinal Flow Practitioner

  • Hyperton-X Sports Kinesiologist

  • Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

  • Flower Essence Therapy

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing 

  • Paramedical Science

  • Occupational Health & Safety

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