Intensive Trauma
Healing Program

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Tracey offers a unique and powerful Intensive Trauma Healing Program for those who are stuck in the disempowering and debilitating impact of unresolved trauma; or for those of you who want to shift your wellbeing to the next level and free yourself of the impact of traumatic experiences in order to thrive and not just survive. If you feel like you are stuck in survival mode, experience anxiety, depression or PTSD and are ready to embrace and commit to  your healing journey, the Intensive Trauma Healing Program is the key to freeing you from your past so you can start thriving and create a happy, empowered and fulfilling life. 



Tracey offers Kinesiology sessions to help you resolve tension and stress held in the body, nervous system & mind, understand the root cause(s) of your dis-ease and imbalances,  as well as clear limiting beliefs, patterns and attitudes holding you back from achieving optimal health and wellbeing. Session can be undertaken online or face to face with equal effectiveness and impact.

Spinal Flow


Tracey offers Spinal Flow sessions to help your body release stored trauma & stresses, reset your nervous system back to a state of calm, bring balance, ease & flow to your body and activate your innate ability to relax, recover and heal. Spinal flow can be undertaken in face to face sessions.